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#Interesting facts

The appearance of a door is what we call »design«. This is for the classic doors the division of the fields, where it is very important that the proportions are correct. Unconsciously, perception determines whether a door is liked or not. In modern doors we are guided by recognized style guidelines and graphic regularities. Comprehensively, we can claim: we renounce short-lived design caprices and preserve good taste. Even with heights and widths outside the standard, we pay attention to the observance of dimensional ratios, so that the doors retain their personality.



As a basis for our door leaves we use MDF from the company Finsa. This wood material, mainly made of finely frayed coniferous wood, brings ideal conditions for the construction of our doors. The solid material allows the milling of elaborate profiling and gives the door a plus in sound insulation.



Our doors don't come off the assembly line. It is the combination of modern production technology and traditional craftsmanship that is evident in the careful execution of many details.


#Surface I Painting

The repeated operations of sanding and varnishing, performed by hand, result in a fine, comfy surface. In accordance with environmental requirements, we use water-based paint systems. White, similar to RAL 9010 or the "whiter" RAL 9016 are our standard. Almost the entire range of RAL and NCS colors is available as custom colors - very classy in the new „softmatt painting".



We call the appearance of the door surface design. Good proportional distribution decides on charisma of classic doors. For the modern models we are guided by recognized style guidelines and graphic regularities. Design elements of the door surface are also repeated in the frame to create a coherent overall appearance. Adapted to the respective style, we offer flush glass cutouts and muntin frames for each series.


#Standard or custom made

The proportions are important and remain the same even with custom dimensions. Two-winged doors for large doorways are standard for all programs. Upon request, heights of 2.5 meters and beyond - we are happy to manufacture doors specifically for your space situation.


#Sliding doors

For all programs we offer matching sliding doors, running inside or in front of the wall, single or two-winged. Equipped with retraction or opening damping on request.



Sophisticated technology and functions should not interfere with the image of the door - the appearance has priority. For each model series, we offer burglar-resistant apartment entrance doors, fire or soundproofing elements, as well as doors for increased climate stability.


#Fittings and door handles

Our standard includes 3-piece hinges and whisper comfort lock. Optionally, we offer magnetic locks, concealed hinges and classy door handles. On request, you can get flush-mounted handle rosettes in round, square or as a long plate.


#Door frames and skirting boards

For each model series we offer matching, true to style frames. On request also available as assembled version without visible miter joint. Skirting boards in 4 different variants, matching style and color, complete the overall picture.



The wood for our MDF comes from sustainably managed forests and forestry operations.