Cool and Classy

Cool and Classy

#Doors for contemporary architecture

Bright, clear rooms - air to breathe - freedom to think and space to live. So »contemporary« represents symptomatically straight lines and clear shapes. Everything is sober and aesthetic! Our five modern model series fit these demands.

Fans of purist architecture will be delighted to choose these doors! Nothing superimposed gets in the way. No handle, no lock, no hinges. You can choose between an innovative handle strip or a simple grip. Simple and minimalist. To make opening and closing easy, magnets ensure that the door stays closed.

Galerie – A Gloss band, vertical or horizontal depending on the individual styling, stretches across the door and continues onto the frame. The high gloss finish of this line band forms a contrast to the soft mat of the remaining surface. A very recent update to the Galerie door series gives the door an even narrower strip - giving it an even more elegant look and making it a cool statement.


duo – The principally different styling of this product range is evoked by the style of the truncated door frame.  A prefect match for modern architecture: a narrow frame, height of up to 3m (approximately 10 ft), the door handle rosettes and escutcheons are fitted flush within the door!

Puristen – This young design strives to complement the openness and clean lines of modern architecture. Narrow profiles and slim rails produce an independent and confident design.

Geoline – This modern design door fits in with numerous interiors. For the milled lines with clear contours, you can choose between a V-groove and a trapezoidal cut. They add expressiveness to the door, without providing design guidelines.