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Door handles should compliment the style of a door. We show you a selection of particularly beautiful models, which you can order in two versions and different finishes. Either the rosettes are flush with the surface of the door, which looks very modern and special, or as usual, attached.
Matching window handles are available for every door handle model!

You can not count them, the times a door is opened and closed. Accordingly, the hinges must stand straight for quite a lot. Even if the door is slammed at times. You have the choice between visible or hidden hinges in different surfaces.

Sliding doors are still reminiscent of the era of upper-middle-class townhouses when the salon was separated from the dining room. We offer sliding doors for all model series, classic or modern, because even today there are still good reasons for this type of door. With the appropriate choice of the handle shell you can underline the look in proper style.

The smallest detail can make the difference when perfection is desired. We manufacture plinth blocks to match our door frames, and beautiful skirting boards which complete the look in your home.