In Style

In Style

#Classic styles – clean and sleek

We rank these four series as modern classics. It is important that the area divisions and the frieze dimensions are correct and therefore the proportions. The authenticity is maintained and the opportunities for interior design endless.

Previously only available as a "special request", today an independent product series. Because they are in tune with the times. We affectionately call them our "noble plank doors". Uniform, vertically milled lines - with and without filling - across the entire height of the door simulate the planks. Their elegant appearance is emphasised by the soft matt lacquer finish. These doors radiate personality and character!

Niveau – Classical design has proven itself over centuries thanks to its pleasing proportions, in architecture and interiors alike. The beauty of truly classical design is that it can evolve and remain modern – as proven by our Niveau range, which is one of our most beautiful designs.

Scala – One of our customers’ favourites is our ‘Scala’ range. This desing is truly unique and the most beautiful amongst them all. The proportions are similar to those of our other classical doors, yet this door has a very special character: the profile emphasises horizontal lines only!


Ouline – No profile and no embellishments, almost minimalist in the classical statement. With a 40mm or 60mm wide milling and corresponding glazing beads for vision panels. This is how our model series »Outline« presents itself. It will adjust to any style of interior. Fitting for our time, in which we more and more perceive a reduced style as beautiful.


Edition – This door range shines thanks to its understatement. The classical shapes and profiles have been reduced to their minimum, radiating a sleek and modern look.