Classic Styles

Classic Styles

#Classics fit anywhere

They always had their admirers - at all times, the day before yesterday, yesterday, and in the future. We want to encourage you to opt for our four classic style door series for any kind of interior. Whether you are looking for a harmonious complement to your country style or you want to create contrasts in a modern decor – we offer a wide range of options.

"If I choose classics, I have the freedom for other design crazes". The simple classics have the power to create a connection between old and modern, playful and functional. The angular lines and straightforwardness have character and provide tasteful security. For a lifetime! The profile of the panels is simple and clear. Complementary: the new straight-lined door frame K.

LandDesign – In our product range »Country Design« the traditional styles have been designed with a modern twist.
Thanks to the clean lines and attractive proportions these doorsets have remained an all-time favourite for country and city homes alike.

Stilisten – The intention of this range is to ‘Update a well established favourite’. The original inspiration for this range came from art deco / art nouveau movement with its delicate shapes. The implementation reflects a modern take on these traditional designs, which includes the frames with their clean lines and lack of embellishments.

A classical approach with a modern look! The doors are factory moulded from a single solid MDF sheet, avoiding the need for manufacturing joints throughout.