Fragen + Antworten

1. Where can I purchase your Beautiful Doors?

Please contact us for our selected specialist suppliers in your area, by contact form, email or phone.

2. Is there a show room where I can look at your door in situ?

We will be able to advise of our selected supplier in your area. Please contact us by contact form, email or phone and we will be delighted to assist.

3. How much are your products?

Please contact one of our selected specialist suppliers for a confirmed price.

4. What are your doors made of?

As core material we use solid MDF, which is universally used in contemporary furniture manufacturing. It is the perfect base to create our beautiful and intricate moulds, which we paint to the highest quality to achieve the exquisite finish our customers have come to expect. The MDF gives our doors the necessary weight to achieve the solid feel and properties of superior standard.

5. What are your standard colours?

We offer two types of white to RAL standard: RAL9010 ‘white’ or the ‘whiter white’ RAL 9016.

6. Do you produce non-standard size doors?

Yes, that’s one of our fortes. Higher, wider, smaller or narrower, most sizes are possible even while maintaining respective proportions.

7. Can I combine any door with any frame?

We offer a matching frame for every style, but you can combine them as you like.

8. Do you have sliding doors or double doors in your product range?

We can make sliding or double doors for most styles, as they are partially desirable for your front of house spaces.

9. Blue, grey, black or beige? Do you produce non standard colours?

We can produce doors of most RAL or NCS colours. Please contact one of our selected specialist suppliers.

10. How do I care for my doors?

Light dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth or mild detergent. Please contact us for our Care & Maintenance Instructions.

11. Do you hold factory sales for the end customer?

No, unfortunately not. All our doors are supplied via our selected specialist suppliers only.